Juken no Cinderella ep 05



Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

Softsubs: MEGA link
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Episode 5 (air date: 07 Aug 2016)

Notes for ep 05

The parts on history are not really that important to the story. If you are interested, you may check out the links below.

[07:05] Taiga drama – The annual, year-long historical fiction television drama on NHK.

[07:50] Six dynasties – A collective term for six dynasties in China from 220–589 AD.

[13:59] Yellow Turban Rebellion

[13:59] An-Shi Rebellion

[14:01] Ardashir I

[14:02] Duke of Normandy and King of England – Read Norman conquest of England

[14.06] Germanic tribes’ migration

[14.15] Carolingian dynasty

[14:30] War of liberation in Europe – Read German Campaign of 1813



Episode 5 is the turning point of this drama series for me.

(Spoiler alert! Continue reading at your own risk.)

Seina is trying to seek love from Yuta who is trying to seek love from Maki. On the other hand, the last few scenes in particular made me think that the relationship between the two main characters is actually very deep. Their relationship may not be a romantic one but they share a special connection and they trusted each other which is why they were both angry when they thought the trust was broken.

Preview for the next episode: How will Maki react? Igarashi goes back to his parents’ house in his hometown. Toko and Maki go all the way there to find him?


3 thoughts on “Juken no Cinderella ep 05

    • Hi, I finished translating ep 6 already but because the raw video has not been uploaded to Nyaa.se yet, I can’t time it yet. I’m considering if I should time it to the raw from doramax265 instead if the raw still isn’t available on Nyaa.


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