Juken no Cinderella ep 06



Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

Softsubs: MEGA link
Uploaded to D-Addicts!

Note: As the (848×480 x264) raw video is not available on Nyaa yet, I have timed the subtitle to the raw from doramax265.

Episode 6 (air date: 14 Aug 2016)

Notes for ep 06

Obon (Bon festival) – A Japanese-Buddhist custom to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors in which people return to ancestral family places to visit and clean their ancestors’ graves. Other Obon celebrations include a huge carnival, the Bon dance and the bonfire.



This episode exceeded my expectations. The scene of Igarashi and his father by the sea is so subtle, sad and beautiful.

(Spoiler alert! Continue reading at your own risk.)

Compared to Igarashi who couldn’t speak up about his feelings to his father at the vital moment, Maki is a person who can convey her thoughts in a straightforward manner. As Toko has noticed, Igarashi is changing gradually (thanks to Maki) and she realises that she has to change as well. I really like the use of comparisons to portray the relationships between the characters.

Preview for the next episode: Igarashi challenges Maki’s mother to a match? What will it be?


4 thoughts on “Juken no Cinderella ep 06

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, dhisashi and Aditya.
    For now, I’ll continue to time the subs to doramax265 raws since the last 2 episodes are already available there. I’m currently making good progress with the next episode so ep 7 may come earlier than expected~


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