Mittsu no Tsuki (SP)



Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

Softsubs: MEGA link
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Notes for the SP:

1) [14:42] If I cut my nails at night, I won’t be with my parents at their deathbed. (夜、爪を切ると親の死に目に会えない)

This is a superstition that if you cut your nails at night, it will bring bad luck and you won’t be with your parents when they die. You can read the theories behind this superstition here.

2) [19:36, 25:11] Golden Bat (Ougon Batto / 黄金バット)

A Japanese superhero created by Takeo Nagamatsu in 1931 who debuted originally in the kamishibai (紙芝居), a type of travelling show in which a sequence of pictures are shown, narrated by a storyteller.

3) [51:49] “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” (Tsuki ga kirei desu ne / 月がきれいだね)

Natsume Soseki was a famous Japanese novelist. When he was a teacher, he translated “I love you” into “Tsuki ga kirei desu ne” after he heard a student translate “I love you” literally into “Ware kimi wo aisu” (我君を愛す). He thought the direct sentence “Ware kimi wo aisu” was not practical and did not meet Japanese sensibility.

4) [55:58] One moon from three ships (Ichigetsu sanshuu / 一月三舟)

A Buddhist concept that for the same moon, the people on three different ships (a ship which is at rest, a ship which is travelling north and a ship which is travelling south) will view it differently. This is originally used to mean that for the same Buddhist saying, it can be interpreted differently by different people.

Why you should watch this SP:

1) This drama SP won the “Local Drama Award” at the Tokyo Drama Awards 2016.

2) If you liked Unmei ni, Nita Koi, you may like this as it’s also written by Kitawaga Eriko. The female lead is played by Harada Tomoyo too.

3) Tanihara Shosuke and Harada Tomoyo’s duet of Ichou Namiki No Serenade is lovely. ♪ ❤


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