Gekokujo Juken ep 02



Timing: 100%
Translation: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

Softsubs: MEGA link
Uploaded to D-Addicts!


Episode 2 (air date: 20 Jan 2017): To the miraculous great life reversal! Father and daughter start studying!

Notes for ep 02

1) [00:58] excess and deficiency arithmetic (過不足算/ kafusokuzan)

These are math problems where two pieces of information on scenarios of excess or deficiency are given. An example is the problem that Kaori was trying to solve on the blackboard.


You want to buy 50 of a certain item but you are lacking 12,000 yen.
If you were to buy 35 of that item, you would have 6,000 yen left over.
How many can you buy with the money that you have?

My solution:

x = price per item
y = money

50x – 12,000 = y
35x + 6,000 = y

50x – 12,000 = 35x + 6,000
15x = 18,000
x = 1200

y = 48,000

no. of items you can buy
= y/x
= 48,000 / 1200 = 40

2) [36:54] The song is Damatte Ore ni Tsuite koi by Ueki Hitoshi.

3) [37:19] The song is Ozashiki Kouta by Wada Hiroshi.



I think the child actress is doing very well so far. The ending of this episode was heartwarming too. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Preview: Kaori’s form teacher pays them an unexpected visit. Kaori cries and reveals her true feelings!? :O


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