Miyazawa Kenji no Shokutaku ep 02



Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing / QC: 100%

Softsubs: MEGA link
Uploaded to D-Addicts!

Episode 2 (air date: 24 June 2017): The Beef Stew of Dreams



Miyazawa later modified his “Mental Sketch” poem and turned it into “Spring and Asura” (春と修羅). Furthermore, the seemingly trivial song that he was singing when plowing the field was actually a verse from his story, “Night of the Oakwood” (かしわばやしの夜).

This show makes me hungry. I suddenly feel like having beef stew now.

In the next episode, Miyazawa will experience falling in love for the first time… 🙂


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