A Short Update


I am sure most of you already know that the Subtitles section in D-Addicts will be closed soon. For the past two days, I have been backing up all the subtitles that I have done, uploading them to MEGA and editing each blog post to include a download link. You will now notice a new link in each post to download the subtitles. In case you are looking for a particular drama, please check the Master Post on top or the tag cloud on the right.

I also noticed that I did not create a blog entry for Warotenka (Japanese subs) although I uploaded the subtitles on D-Addicts quite some time ago so I will need to do a new blog post for Warotenka soon.

It is a tough time for all drama lovers and fansubbers but I hope that we can pull through this together. I am keen to sub something soon but will wait until things have settled down. For future updates, please follow my blog. 🙂

EDIT (2018.09.27): The Subtitles section in D-Addicts will stay but can only be accessed by registered D-Addicts members. Remember to log in to view it!


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