Keishichou Zero-gakari Season 4 Ep 01



Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

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Episode 1 (air date: 19 July 2019)


Counting the number of tomato-print shirts that Fuyuhiko has is one of the highlights.


Saito Yuki plays the new female director!


Section Zero is back with new characters and more cases! I wanted to take a few weeks of break from subbing but then the first episode aired and it was deliciously gruesome so I ended up subbing it after all.

This episode is more bizarre and darker than the previous seasons. There was a particular scene that might probably spook children. Fuyuhiko also had some expressions which we never saw before and that unblinking expression was kind of scary.

But of course, the jokes and banter of the main characters continue to give the drama a light-hearted touch which makes this drama a good one with a decent balance of humour and darkness. I like the addition of new characters, especially the new director and the new main villain. Season 4 is looking good so far!

Next episode: Sakuraba is accused of being a molester! Fuyuhiko goes to a courtroom to look for a lawyer to defend him, but then someone unexpectedly dies… Will he find the real culprit and also clear Sakuraba’s name?


Fuyuhiko’s desk, cluttered with strawberries (S1), watermelons (S2), hot peppers (S3) and now tomatoes (S4).


Bunpei’s new hairstyle is looking good.


6 thoughts on “Keishichou Zero-gakari Season 4 Ep 01

  1. Hi Carameltz,
    I am so happy you’ve chosen this show to sub this season. I enjoyed season 3 thoroughly and will miss Yukawa Sensei’s character. Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate the time and effort you’ve put in for for all the shows you’ve done. Otsukare!! ( p.s I am over the moon 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • I liked Dr. Yukawa too. It was amusing to see Fuyuhiko being annoyed by him. But there are new characters in S4 and some of them are quite interesting so I think S4 will also be good. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it is! There’s also another reference that I didn’t include. When the director said, “It’s getting interesting,” while eating her cookie, it’s the catchphrase of Kinkyuu Torishirabeshitsu, a police drama. I didn’t explain both references as they’re from recent dramas and can be easily spotted by drama fans. 🙂


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