Keishichou Zero-gakari Season 4 Ep 02


The Good Wife sequel


Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

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Episode 2 (air date: 26 July 2019)




Legal V?


I had a good laugh while subbing this episode, thanks to Sakuraba’s case. The previous episode was very exciting and even gruesome, but this episode had the usual silliness which I liked. The courtroom scenes reminded me of Good Wife and Legal V. (I miss Tada-sensei and can’t believe that Fuyuhiko was Tada-sensei only a few months ago.)

Next episode: A comedian goes to Section Zero and asks for their help to stop a scandalous article. Fuyuhiko attends an actress’ party to look for the reporter, but someone is found dead the next day… Will Section Zero solve the case?


Torami’s desk is mostly blue, with books on how to pass her promotion exam.

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