Keishichou Zero-gakari Season 4 Ep 04


Best scene of S4 so far


Translation: 100%
Timing: 100%
Editing/ QC: 100%

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Episode 4 (air date: 09 August 2019)


Dramatic shot of the week.


The usual! 😀


This might be the funniest episode of the season! Normally, one won’t associate manzai with murders but the screenwriter set the record of combining these two elements together and making the whole thing work, which is rather fascinating and amusing at the same time. Of course, Fuyuhiko and Torami’s manzai is the highlight of the episode. Their tempo and sense of comedy are great. 😀

Next episode: Section Zero participates in a crime prevention event! However, someone from the event is found dead later, leaving a dying message. A suspect is arrested but Fuyuhiko has doubts…


Bunpei’s desk is very pink! He’s the only one with 2 computers and Yamaguchi Kaoru’s signature board (from ep 1).

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